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The INDUSTRY LEADER in Storage Tanks & Integrated Storage Systems!

Storage Tank Coatings

Water storage tanks

Tank Connection has teamed up with Akzo Nobel to provide the leading coating systems for both dry bulk storage and liquid tank applications. No other bolted tank lining can match the resistance and flexibility. Our proprietary formulations exceed the competition in durability, performance and cost-effectiveness.

FUSION 5000 FBE™ for Dry Bulk Storage Tanks

LIQ FUSION 7000 FBE™ for Liquid Tanks


The Unmatched Performance of Tank Connection’s Fusion FBE™ System

At Tank Connection, we rightfully claim the premier powder coat system for bolted storage tanks worldwide. Our proprietary system and controlled station processes are unmatched by any other bolted tank manufacturer.

Tank Connection’s state-of-the-art powder coat technology is the only powder coat line “certified” by Akzo Nobel for bolted storage tanks. Akzo Nobel is the largest powder coat supplier worldwide.

TC's fusion powder system is applied through an electrostatic process from an automated state-of-the-art, fusion powder coating line. The proprietary fusion powder coating systems offered by Tank Connection are thermoset powders that utilize low-molecular-weight polymers. Once the powder is applied, the bolted steel panels enter an oven where the resins, pigments and other reactive agents cross-link to produce a high molecular weight binder system. Thus, resulting with a tough, durable coating system designed for high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility, chip resistance, weather ability and UV protection.

Tank Connection's thermoset processes are irreversible. Once curing and cross-linking takes place, the powder coating process can not be returned to its original form by any means. Testing data by Akzo Nobel clearly shows that TC's Fusion™ System is unmatched in performance!