This 30,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Parsons, KS, is dedicated to field construction services and manufacturing of proprietary jacking equipment. Tank Connection’s Construction Services Group is the top ranked bolted tank installation company worldwide. Tank Connection can provide factory direct, field installation services on every project. With over 20 crews in the field, specialized in different types of storage tank construction and related field services, Tank Connection provides the best, most experienced field construction services available for integrated storage systems.

Tank Connection also has direct factory supervisors available to assist local labor crews at both domestic and international locations. Our bolted storage tank construction can be installed at any remote location worldwide by using our proprietary, synchronized jacking process. This process allows large dry bulk and liquid storage tanks to be jacked from grade level, while field installation crews remain on the ground. Tank Connection receives the highest marks in the industry based on quality and safety in the field.

To further complement its quality and efficiency, the field construction process for bolted RTP construction leverages a synchronized jacking process that allows field crews to build large bulk silos at grade level. By utilizing our process, bolted storage tank systems can be installed in one-third the time required for field-weld construction. The end result is high quality tank field installation services at the lowest factored costs. The dollar and time savings to our clients can be significant.