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FGD & Limestone Storage

By definition: Flue gas desulfurization is commonly known as FGD and is the technology used for removing sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the exhaust flue gases in power plants that burn coal or oil to produce steam for the steam turbines that drive their electricity generators. Capture of SO2 is accomplished by devices known as scrubbers. The devices combine the sulphur compounds with a calcium containing sorbent, generally lime (CaO) or limestone (CaCO3), to create a slurry. The slurry can be safely discharged after treatment or turned into useful byproducts.

Tank Connection is one of the largest suppliers of limestone storage tanks and silos used in FGD applications in North America. Tank Connection leads the industry in turnkey storage tank systems used for limestone, lime, hydrated lime, pebble lime and quicklime storage applications.

Typical Sizes:

  • Typical hopper slopes utilized in lime storage: 60°, 65°, 70° and custom hopper slope designs based on material testing in hopper bottom tanks up to 100,000 cubic feet
  • Flat bottom storage available up to 2,000,000 cubic feet


TC Node Designs

AluminumDomes.com Design

Note detail utilizes proprietary extrusion design.

Spun aluminum gusset cover provides precision seal.


Pressed cover provides inconsistent seal.

TC Center Safety Line Support

TC Center Safety Line Support

Unmatched Safety Design:
Tank Connection is one of the largest suppliers of limestone storage tanks and silos used in FGD applications in the US.

Pebble lime, Recycle Ash, Well Water · Salix, Iowa View Project

Lime Storage Array

Lime Storage Array

02/25/2020 · 1:55pm

Lime storage silos on elevated structural steel. Each silo includes a deck platform that together create a superstructure platform at the top of the silos. The twelve lime storage silos each have a capacity of 119,700 cubic feet (3,389.5 cubic meters)

Canada Limestone Storage

Canada Limestone Storage

01/07/2019 · 10:47am

These bolted RTP limestone storage silos serve as kiln feed storage for cement production.

Dry Bulk Storage Solutions

Dry Bulk Storage Solutions

03/30/2016 · 10:43am

Tank Connection is the leading bolted tank manufacturer for factory coated bolted storage tanks and aluminum bulk storage covers for dry bulk storage applications. Tank Connection dry bulk storage solutions include superior engineered tank, hopper and aluminum cover designs, unmatched coating technology, and golden rule of customer service.

The Leader In Dry Bulk Storage

The Leader In Dry Bulk Storage

03/29/2016 · 8:48am

In dry bulk storage, we are the industry leader for large bulk storage facilities in North America.

Pebble lime, Recycle Ash, Well Water

Pebble lime, Recycle Ash, Well Water

02/05/2016 · 4:19pm

This power facility required a pebble lime silo, recycle ash silo and two welded well water tanks for their scrubber and baghouse project. Our pebble lime silo included multiple interior equipment levels, stairs, platforms, entryways, and extensive shell penetrations for customer piping and equipment.


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