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Plastic Resin Storage

Tank Connection shop-welded storage tanks are the highest quality in the industry and range in size from 800 up to 10,000 cubic feet as one piece units. Tank Connection's RTP (rolled, tapered panel) bolted storage tank design is the #1 bolted tank design available worldwide for plastic pellet storage. Bolted hopper bottom tanks range in size from 1,200 up to 100,000 cubic feet. We are the leading resin storage supplier to producers, processors and compounders.

Typical Size range:

  • 1,200–50,000 cubic feet

Typical resin storage applications include:

  • Polythylene pellets
  • ABS pellets
  • Nylon pellets
  • Polycarbonate pellets
  • Polyester pellets
  • Prolypropylene pellets     
  • Polystyrene pellets
  • PVA
  • PVC powder
  • PET
  • Regrind plastics and blended resin
Dry Bulk Storage

Dry Bulk Storage

03/30/2016 · 10:43am

Tank Connection is the global leader in Dry Bulk Storage solutions and processes. Our bolted RTP storage silos are precision engineered, won't leak, feature a smoothwall tank interior, are manufactured with a powder coat system, and have unlimited options. Construction of our silos is at grade-level using a proprietary synchronized jacking process.

The Leader In Dry Bulk Storage

The Leader In Dry Bulk Storage

03/29/2016 · 8:48am

In dry bulk storage, we are the industry leader for large bulk storage facilities in North America.

Goodbye API

Goodbye API

03/24/2016 · 10:32am

In spite of claims by some companies that API 12B flanged panels are improved from previous designs, they still fail to meet the exceptional standards of Tank Connection's bolted RTP hopper tank designs featuring smoothwall tank interior, exact manufacturing tolerances and our proprietary coating process.

Dry Bulk Coatings

Dry Bulk Coatings

03/19/2016 · 10:37am

Tank Connection teamed up with Akzo Nobel, a global leader in powder coatings and porcelain enamel technologies, to develop the ultimate interior and exterior coatings for dry bulk storage tanks. Our superior coatings ensure quality performance, durable aesthetics and low maintenance.