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Industrial Liquid Storage

Tank Connection liquid tank designs deal with the factors that should be addressed in industrial liquid applications including operating temperature, applicable design configurations, corrosion considerations, pH/acidic levels, operating environment, materials of construction, codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance, secondary containment and appropriate design standards.

Tank size ranges available:

  • Bolted RTP Wastewater Designs: 25,000 up to 8 million gallons (95 up to 30,284 m3)
  • Hybrid Wastewater Designs: 25,000 up to 12 million gallons (95 up to 45,420 m3)
  • Field-weld Wastewater Designs: 100,000 up to 25 million gallons (380 up to 94,620 m3)
Liquid Containment Solutions

Liquid Containment Solutions

01/22/2018 · 9:38am

Tank Connection leads the industry in liquid contain solutions, with superior coating technology, versatile design, expert engineering, and industry experience.

Fusion Bond Epoxy

Fusion Bond Epoxy

03/29/2016 · 8:05am

When specifying liquid tanks for municipal, industrial, and agricultural projects, it is important to not only understand the design specifics, but also the coating requirements.



02/06/2016 · 4:05pm

Tank Connection was selected to design, manufacture and install a turnkey package for over 4 million gallons of frac water storage. The customer owns and operates their own oil and gas wells and contacted Tank Connection to assist in finding the most economical storage solution for their frac sand operation.


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