President’s Review, 2nd Quarter 2013

Incoming and shipment levels for the second quarter were phenomenal. We continue to see a number of clients tapping into growth markets and special storage applications. At TC, we like special storage applications and we have the engineering, PM and sales teams that can assist you every step of the way.

So what is currently going on in storage? You name it. Standard, custom and special applications in water, wastewater, fire protection, industrial liquids, dry bulk, minerals, foods, petrochem, chemicals, power, environmental and the list continues. When you are in the storage system business it pays to be broad based in application expertise. TC currently leads the industry in custom dry bulk storage applications. We build more XL bolted hopper tanks than any company in North America. We are also considered by many to be the rising star in the liquids market with a line-up of products and field services that are simply unmatched in quality and unbeatable in performance. Our LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system is designed to replace glass/vitreous enamel coatings in water storage applications. Tank Connection’s RTP bolted tank construction is the best bolted tank design available on the planet.

On behalf of TC and all of our employees, we would like to extend our appreciation to our clients for selecting our products and services for your projects. We are simply glad to be part of our clients’ success. We will always try to do our best to keep your projects on track from start to finish.

Steel dry bulk storage tanks

A picture perfect setting!

President’s Review, 1st Quarter 2013

As expected, first quarter incoming projects were broad based across target markets and included strong activity for storage systems destined for both domestic and international locations. Our reputation for larger, engineering intensive projects continues to increase in the industry. Additionally, the list of premier engineering firms that prefer TC storage products and fi eld installation services over other suppliers continues to increase. We believe we have developed the right company culture that is focused on fulfilling client needs. We strive to deliver an unmatched performance level on every project.

Tank Connection currently has four manufacturing facilities and 297 employees dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of integrated storage systems, including bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tanks, shop-welded tanks, SIT (system installed tanks), integrated storage systems, aluminum geodesic domes. It is our goal to be the premier supplier of these products in dry bulk and liquid storage applications worldwide. A tall order perhaps, but we currently maintain the top position in XL dry bulk storage applications in North America, and this has occurred in a relatively short period of time. We have no conflicts in serving the industry by building the best storage products available for dry bulk and liquid storage applications, at pricing competitive with any supplier. With over 2100 years of combined industry experience in storage, we know how to design and build the best storage facilities available for our selected target markets. We thank you for the confidence placed in our company and your promotion of TC in the industry.

The list of premier engineering firms that prefer TC storage products and field installation services over other suppliers continues to grow.

Drive-through Storage Tank

President’s Review, Fourth Quarter 2012

We are already in March and have yet to release our year-end newsletter. We have been flooded with projects and pictures from our clients, dealers and representatives. Some of the projects featured in our newsletter are premier installations, referred to by many as “world class”. We are currently building projects globally that are simply unmatched in quality and field performance compared to competitors’ products. It is our intent in this newsletter to depict some of the unique applications that reflect TC’s leadership position in the industry.

FY2013 is shaping up with phenomenal opportunities both domestically and globally. From bolted liquid to dry bulk storage, from SIT fabrication to geodesic domes, we will provide our customers with the most versatile line-up of storage products available in the industry today. Our compliments are directed to our clients that continue to develop new storage opportunities. When we brainstorm storage applications together, we bring together a long list of talents and experience. The industry simply says that it shows.

President’s Review, Third Quarter 2012

Greetings to our employees, clients and friends!

The third quarter has shown little weakness or slowdown for Tank Connection storage products and services. At TC, we continue to see positive indicators developing for the future. General market conditions continue to improve at a slow pace, but the magnitude and dollar value of future growth opportunities in water, wastewater and dry bulk storage applications appear significant as we head into 2013. TC is being positioned to fulfill the needs of the storage industry with wide range capabilities. We review today’s market for TC storage products and services as “on track and ahead of schedule”.

Tank Connection currently maintains a significant backlog of storage projects in our schedule. We also continue to be the fortunate recipients of some of the most premier dry bulk and liquid storage projects built on the planet. As just one example, when the governing water body for Sao Paulo Brazil selected their XL municipal water tanks, they reviewed Tank Connection RTP tank construction coated with LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ (and TC aluminum geodesic domes) vs. glass coated tanks. TC was the chosen supplier, as the merits of our product offering over glass were highly recognized. They wanted the best and they bought the best.

At Tank Connection, we also witness our continuous improvement practices driving the next generation of storage products and services that will continue to lead the industry. The marketplace has responded to us with their request to increase production of existing products and to develop new storage product offerings that
will fulfill the needs of new developing markets. “We get it” because this has been a focused priority from day one; that is, to service existing and growth markets with superior products and services tailored specifically for the application and local code requirements. We want to thank all of our clients for your strong support for a company that always strives “to do the right thing”, from start to finish. Your support clearly shows and we want to reciprocate that support with unmatched service to your company.

President’s Review, 2011

We had quite a year-end finale at Tank Connection. Incoming orders for the 4th quarter remained strong right to the end. Additionally, we continue to see strong future activity that is growing at an accelerated pace. We are very excited about 2012 opportunities, both domestically and in the international arena.

To start off the New Year, we would like to thank all of our clients for your business. At Tank Connection, we are a client focused company. Your business has never been taken for granted at TC. We understand that we have to earn it with continuous, consistent performance on every project. TC’s internal focus is on continuous improvement in all operations. From defining our internal processes, to ISO 9001 certification, Tank Connection is committed to designing, manufacturing and installing the best storage systems available in the industry today. We don’t have to be the biggest tank supplier in the World, but we do have to provide the best products and services. Anything less by our standards is simply unacceptable.

Based on your reviews of our performance, compared to other suppliers, we are proud to be recognized as the premier provider of integrated storage systems. We have set a new benchmark of quality in the storage industry because our focus is on our client’s needs. We don’t have conflicting priorities at TC because our customers are the priority.
As stated in our ISO 9001:2008 Tank Connection Quality Policy – Tank Connection personnel are committed to the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement in all our business operations to fulfill the needs of our customers.

To be very direct on this subject, our customers deserve this level of commitment in design innovation, manufactured storage products, system integration and field construction services. In 2012, we are taking our performance to the next level to serve our clients. Again, on behalf of Tank Connection, thank you for the opportunity to be your vendor of choice in storage.

President’s Review, 4th Quarter 2011

As we head into the fourth quarter, Tank Connection and affiliate companies are beyond busy. Based on client demand for our products, we continue to add to our employee base. Shipment levels are unprecedented. By September, we had crossed the 450 employee mark across the affiliate group of companies. We continue to incur record incoming levels, the best employees that subscribe to the company mission and the best clients to serve in the industry. We are excited about 2012, as we see a number of market segments colliding with TC products and services. No doubt 2012 is going to be a wild year and at TC we are engaged to make our clients successful on every project.

Tank Connection storage products and services have become #1 in the tank industry. Our dry bulk storage products are unmatched in the industry worldwide. In North America, we dominate integrated dry bulk storage applications. On the liquid side, we continue rapid market share growth as our liquid storage containment tanks continue to be become recognized as the best quality available worldwide.

We continue to follow a simple equation: Best Design, Best Storage Systems, Best Coatings, Best Construction Services and Best Experienced Service Team. Thank you for making TC the company of choice for your integrated storage systems.

President’s Review, 3rd Quarter

We would describe the second quarter as just another great quarter. Year to date, TC incoming sales are 10% ahead of plan and our 2011 plan was aggressive. Our congratulations to our sales group, representatives, dealers, OEM and house account clients for posting a continuous strong performance.

As you know, TC is committed to servicing our clients with excellent customer service and the best storage products and services available in the industry today. Our customers count on us to perform and that drives our continuous improvement processes. In storage containment applications, we most certainly lead the industry.

We continue to be the only supplier worldwide that designs, manufactures and installs all types of steel storage tanks and integrated storage systems. To be very direct on this topic, the other players in the tank industry just don’t get it. The bolted tankees don’t understand the field-welded market and the field-welded tankees don’t understand the bolted market. When you understand both markets and add the hybrid features of concrete to the equation, you have the ability to lead the industry with innovative hybrid storage products that are unmatched in performance.

We thank our employees for making our storage products and services the preferred products in the industry. We thank our clients for the opportunity to earn your business through our actions and job performance. At TC, all of our employees always welcome the opportunity to be of service to our our customers. Get excited about the future because we have more new products and services to release soon!

President’s Review

The 1st quarter incoming sales and shipment levels were noth- ing less than record setting. Our backlog is “off the charts” and our clients are advising us on strong market demand for TC storage products and services as we move through 2011. Currently, we are looking at 24/7 expansion plans for both the Parsons (bolted) and Oswego (welded) facilities.

We want to thank our clients for making us the company of choice for dry bulk and liquid storage systems. In dry bulk storage, there is no other company that can offer the products, solutions and services that Tank Connection offers……none.

In liquid storage, our exclusive LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system remains unmatched in water and wastewater applications globally.

In the short term, Tank Connection is moving to add additional people and additional shifts to maintain scheduled delivery dates for our clients. Yes, we are determined to maintain client schedules, because on-time delivery matters to you and it matters to us. As a customer focused company, we are commit- ted to making our clients successful on every project.

International Rep Meeting

Over 90 representatives from around the World attended Tank Connection’s International Rep Meeting held on July 16 – 18 in Parsons, KS. Rep groups from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and across the U.S were involved with training classes and review of TC Affiliate Group facilities. Tank Connection ships storage tanks and integrated storage systems worldwide. Our RTP (rolled, tapered panel) construction is the #1 bolted tank design selected worldwide for liquid and dry bulk storage applications.

As the premier storage tank manufacturer, we are looking for the best representatives in the power, industrial and municipal markets. If you fit our profile, please contact us for further discussion.