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Marketing Teaser!

At TCAG, we are rapidly approaching the release of some key information for the potable water and wastewater sectors.  This information will be embodied in a brochure available in both electronic and print forms.  Stay tuned to the blog for release information.

Above Ground Storage Trade Show

ATEC Steel is a sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming 2009 Above Ground Storage Tank Regional Conference and Trade Show in Houston, TX. The conference is being put on by The National Institue for Storage Tank Management. The one day conference and show will be held on September 11, 2009 at the Hilton Hobby Airport. To register call 1-800-827-3515 or email

Alliance Constructors Tank Installation

Alliance Constructors the premier installation company focused on storage tank erections, mechanical installations and related field services continues to grow.  Alliance recently received Utah contractors license to go with many other states including Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, etc. with many others in progress.

New Addition to TCAG Team

With the recent addition of Mr. Steve Birchmeier to our Engineering staff, the Tank Connection Affiliate Group now has the ability to add foundation design to our offerings.  Steve is a Civil Engineer licensed in multiple states, and brings twenty-two years of foundation design experience to the TCAG Team.Steve’s addition further cements our position as the industry leader in storage tanks, silos, and integrated storage systems, and our Sales staff is ready to assist our clients with all of your storage needs.  Provide us with a soils investigation, and we will prepare a design, or even supply the foundation itself, designed specifically for your local site conditions.Remember, at Tank Connection, we build excellence in storage systems!

  • Best silo designs….bolted, field-weld, shop-weld, & hybrid construction
  • Best powder coat systems
  • Top rated bolted tank erection process
  • Unmatched product quality….QA system certified
  • #1 in storage experience…..over 2100 years of combined storage tank experience

Lunch and Learn Presentations

The dry bulk sales group is extremely busy with “Lunch and Learn presentations” at various companies around the U.S., including engineering firms, OEM’s, and end-users.  These presentations are proving to be extremely successful for all involved.  Frequent comments by attendees include “I never knew the Tank Connection Affiliate Group had so much to offer” and “I have been hearing your name in the industry, and now I know why!”  These presentations cover all aspects of the TCAG, including RTP bolted, field-weld, shop-weld, hybrid tanks, and Action Unloaders.  We also provide additional information that makes an engineer’s job much simpler – including assistance with tank sizing and specification preparation.  If you have interest in a “Lunch and Learn presentation,” let us know — we’ll be there with lunch and valuable industry information!

ATEC Steel Adds Gulf Coast Division

ATEC Steel has hired John Dyring as Sales Manager and Tracy Childress as Regional Manager for its new Gulf Coast Division. In addition to the services now offerred by ATEC this division will also provide mechanical services such as piping, foundations, etc.

New Diamond Design Elevated Tank

Tank Connection is pleased to announce the release of its new “DIAMOND” design elevated potable water storage tank. The Diamond design  was developed to compete against both multi-leg and spheroid elevated tank designs ranging from 250,000 up to 600,000 gallon capacities.  The Diamond design is the #1 preferred elevated water tank shape in North America.

The TC Diamond design elevated water storage tank utilizes a field-weld hybrid tank design with an aluminum geodesic dome roof.  It’s aesthetics and functional performance are superior to all other field-weld designs.

In addition to the Diamond design, TC also manufactures a Hydro-Cone design which is similar to the Diamond design except that the roof is field welded steel in lieu of the aluminum geodesic dome.

Please click on the “Diamond EWT” link below to view a conceptual drawing of both the Diamond design and the Hydro-Cone design.  For more information please contact the Tank Connection liquid sales department at 620-423-3010 or

Diamond EWT

International Rep Meeting Feedback

“Since 1982 my best organized, most useful, sales meeting/training.”

– Jim Caulfield, Allen/Davis Technology Representatives LLC

“This was a well done meeting and one which we enjoyed being involved. Thanks for all the time and attention to the detail. It was really great to be back in school.”

– Terry Allen, Allen/Davis Technology Representatives LLC

“You and your team get a solid “A” for an excellent 2 days of great meetings and hospitality! I am still in awe of what you have all accomplished and continue to embody. Obviously you have been dilligent and have been blessed beyond measure. It’s an honor to be on your ‘winning team’, and I am fired up to contribute and participate in the prosperity and fun to come.”

– R. Scott Campbell, CAMTEC Industrial Sales, Inc.

“The most impressive component of Tank Connection’s offering is your people. Enthusiasm and competency are engrained within each member of your team.”

– Chadwick T. Johnson, Mechanical Equipment Company

“It was a great 2 days of getting to know everyone at TC better. You have assembled an amazing team to help you build the best storage tanks in the industry, and you should be very proud. Everyone I met seemed to understand the big picture of where they fit into the puzzle of company life. That comes from people who are happy and confident with the company as a whole, and see how vital it is that is continues to grow and stay healthy. Most of us have come from our own “Brand X” company experience because we know there is better or more ethical way to do business, and I can see that in the management and staff of your company.”

– Rick Baldwin, Mason Dixon Alliance, LLC

“Events so perfect as these do not happen without much teamwork, coordination and efforts…..and this is the reflect of TC. Thanks again for include in this great experience.”

– Gerardo Cavazos S., SACA Mexico

“The plant tours let us have a feel for Tank Connection capabilities as well as the high quality of the three shops and personnel. I was grateful that TEC could contribute in a small way to the overall success of Tank Connection. Tank Connection has provide TEC with the backlog to hire and keep Sales Engineers through our slow period so that we will have trained, high quality Sales Engineers to continue to promote Tank Connection. We look forward to a bright and abundant future together!”

– Kent Irwin, T.E.C. Engineering Associates, Inc.

“Your meeting was handled in a first class manner. I want to thank you and your Tank Connection family for everything.”

– Dale Butcher, Specialty Technologies LLC

“Tank Connection (Canada) would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and the entire Tank Connection team for their kind and generous hospitality. The presentations were informative and professional. The enthusiasm express by your team was uplifting and contagious.”

– George Bojeczko, Blastech

“Having managed three training facilities in a previous life I was particularly impressed by each and every presentation as well as the camaraderie.”

– Frank Hawley, Hawley Equipment Sales

International Rep Meeting

Over 90 representatives from around the World attended Tank Connection’s International Rep Meeting held on July 16 – 18 in Parsons, KS. Rep groups from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and across the U.S were involved with training classes and review of TC Affiliate Group facilities. Tank Connection ships storage tanks and integrated storage systems worldwide. Our RTP (rolled, tapered panel) construction is the #1 bolted tank design selected worldwide for liquid and dry bulk storage applications.

As the premier storage tank manufacturer, we are looking for the best representatives in the power, industrial and municipal markets. If you fit our profile, please contact us for further discussion.