Competitors — Shop-Weld Tanks

Based on client reviews, TC/BOSS Tank continue to be acknowledged as building the best shop-weld tanks in North America. Our compliments to the BOSS crew and their plant manager, Mike Dreese for attaining this review. Some of you may know Mike from the past. He has about 30 years in the industry, originally as Plant Manager for Schuld and then later for Peabody TecTank.

In shop-weld tank construction, there is a variety of tank construction offered in the industry today. There are a number of suppliers that specialize in flat bottom liquid storage, stainless steel food grade applications, ag designs, etc. TC/BOSS specializes in “dry bulk storage” hopper tanks. In the tank sizes we build, our product differentiation is unique compared to other suppliers:

What separates us from other suppliers:

• Our tank designs are heavier
• Cylinder, deck & hopper welded both sides (double-butt full penetration)
• Increased coating mil thickness (both interior & exterior)
• Best engineering team & application expertise in integrated storage systems
• We are building the most difficult SIT (system installed tank) designs
• We maintain an economies of scale operation
• Midwest fabrication locations, allows us to ship throughout North America
• Competitive price leader due to company vertical integration