Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

With 2012 squarely in our rearview mirror it’s time for brief reflection and applying the year’s experiences to our focus on the future. Albert Einstein once wrote, “Today’s problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them”. As simple as it may sound, this concise statement sums up the entire premise of innovation. To truly lead the industry a company must consistently be at the forefront of development, an innovator, rather than an imitator.

Our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement has paved the way for advancements in engineering design, as well as manufacturing throughout the year. Applying real-world lessons based on feedback from the field to further refine elements that promote ease of installation, extended service life, and superior product quality. From complex dry bulk systems inclusive of handling equipment, to more streamlined anaerobic digester roof structures, the results have been met with overwhelming approval.

The founding members of TC made a conscious decision at the inception of our company to move beyond the archaic glass coatings of the past and introduce the next generation of advanced coatings with our proprietary Fusion FBE system. Harkening back to Einstein’s simple proclamation, in order to redefine something you have to view it with a new perspective. The benefits of this powder-on-powder application process include superior impact resistance, unmatched flexibility, and the ability to be touched-up in the field.

As we begin our journey in 2013 the increasing presence of TC products in the global marketplace will expose an even broader client base to the premier storage solutions we offer. With strategically selected partners around the globe, we’re able to provide the same localized service and attention to customer service our loyal customers have come to expect here in the USA. We look forward to yet another record-setting year, and hope you’ll join us as we take the industry to the next level!

Liquid Storage Tank Project – LAX

Liquid Storage Tank - LAX

The LAX project was a good example of what we would like to see more of in the liquid market. The liquid storage tank, a 86’ x 52’ with an aluminum dome, will be used in a deluge fire protection system to protect a hanger at the LAX Airport. Tank Connection worked with the specifying engineer for nearly a year writing the specification and sizing the tank around Tank Connection standards, yet keeping it generic enough to meet the municipal requirement of not sole sourcing. When it was time for the project to bid, the contractors came to Tank Connection for our bid and also our insight to the project. For 2013, our focus will be to make a concerted effort by our liquid sales team and our various representatives to get Tank Connection specified on municipal and industrial projects. Tank Connection is becoming better known in the liquid market, but there are still many opportunities to “educate” the engineers about Tank Connection’s great products.

Below are examples of the product lines that we target in the liquid market.

  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Wastewater Tanks
  • Fire Protection Tanks
  • Industrial Liquids
  • Digesters
  • Petroleum
  • Liquid Chemical Storage

Feet on the Street

Steel storage tanks

For the liquids division, 2012 was a year of growth and expansion. The momentum has carried us into 2013 with enthusiasm and high expectations. Our motto this year is: Feet on the Street! Simply put, expect to see Tank Connection everywhere, as our plans are to TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL!

In the liquids market it is essential for our customers, reps, dealers, as well as specifying engineers to understand our product line. When a TC product is specified during the planning stages, it allows TC to have the advantage. Visiting customers and educating others about our products and services is the key to growing our cliental as well as our position in the marketplace.

TC’s product line is unmatched from our Rolled Tapered Panel (RTP) bolted tank with the most advanced powder on powder coating, to our Geodesic Domes. Our product literature speaks for itself; however, it is also important to promote our products through customer calls, trades shows, and lunch and learns. Whether you are a representative, dealer, engineer, or end user, Get Connected with our sales group, at sales@tankconnection.com, and let us know how we can assist you with your project requirements. As always, you can find the most up-to-date literature, specifications, along with numerous resources on our website, www.tankconnection.com.


Looking Ahead

Now that the 4th quarter of 2012 is in the books, I can state unequivocally that TCAG truly did have a record performance year! Demand for our products and services worldwide continues to grow and the projects installed in the field this past year are world class. To our clients, I say thank you. The staff and employees of TCAG will continue to do our best to earn your business. The opportunities our client’s provide for this organization allow us to expand our reach into new markets and thus, new successes.

Looking ahead into 2013, the 1st quarter is shaping up as another stellar incoming quarter and our sales team is focused on exceeding our performance goals of 2012. Each of our Market Managers – Sharon Banning in Dry Bulk, John Haight in International, and Bransie Qualls in Liquids, have outstanding sales teams who are able to provide a level of technical expertise our competitors cannot match. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for assistance on your storage applications. Lunch & Learn sessions are available to assist in educating your teams on the many capabilities of the TCAG.

Finally, we are constantly looking for representatives and dealers to assist us in improving the level of our service and quality to our clients. Please let someone on our team know if you feel you or someone you know, fits the mold of what we are looking for. We look forward to a great 2013 for all of our valued industry friends and clients. I wish each of you a healthy and successful year!

President’s Review, Fourth Quarter 2012

We are already in March and have yet to release our year-end newsletter. We have been flooded with projects and pictures from our clients, dealers and representatives. Some of the projects featured in our newsletter are premier installations, referred to by many as “world class”. We are currently building projects globally that are simply unmatched in quality and field performance compared to competitors’ products. It is our intent in this newsletter to depict some of the unique applications that reflect TC’s leadership position in the industry.

FY2013 is shaping up with phenomenal opportunities both domestically and globally. From bolted liquid to dry bulk storage, from SIT fabrication to geodesic domes, we will provide our customers with the most versatile line-up of storage products available in the industry today. Our compliments are directed to our clients that continue to develop new storage opportunities. When we brainstorm storage applications together, we bring together a long list of talents and experience. The industry simply says that it shows.

The Leader In Dry Bulk Storage

In dry bulk storage, we are the industry leader for large bulk storage facilities in North America.

TC’s modular RTP construction is now requested worldwide by leading U.S. corporations. We load containers daily and provide expedited deliveries. The storage tank shown on the left side of the adjacent picture is bolted RTP construction (right side, shop welded). It will install in 1/3 the field time required for its field-welded counterpart. Jack built from grade level at any international location.

dry bulk storage tank

Featured: Our Friends at Alpine!

Alpine Integrated Storage and Handeling Systems

ALPINE INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS specializes in Integrated Bulk Storage & Material Handing System Projects from concept to completion including nation wide plant expansions, receiving & load-outs, transload terminals, and services all industries. Along with outstanding personal service we specialize in providing quality and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.


Frac Sand Transload Terminal with three (3) 26’ dia. x 80’ tall fully skirted tanks with truck drive through, dual scale system, dust free load-out equipment, three (3) rail spur unloading pit with reclaim conveyor and pent house with stair access, bucket elevator, stair tower, diverter valve, chutes and supports, dust collection, sump system, compressed air system, controls & MCC building. This project was provided as a turnkey design build (EPC) to include all concrete, structural, mechanical, and field electrical, with the exception of the rail road work, site drainage, and asphalt.

White bulk storage tanks Steel storage tank construction Storage Silo

Business Without Boundaries

The framework of sales will always be performance oriented, and by its inherent nature has always drawn reference points, guidelines, and yes, boundaries. Webster’s Dictionary defines boundaries as: “something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent”. Boundaries may be something tangible – such as geographic borders that outline a particular territory or region. Moreover, we often construct abstract boundaries in our way of thinking when working to reach a particular goal. We’ve all become too familiar with the catch phrase “think outside the box”. This first requires one to identify the “box”, and all the confines associated with it. Then moving beyond these limitations becomes a matter of planning and thoughtful application.

TC has experienced tremendous growth both domestically and internationally the last few years – in fact, every year since our inception. This is not by coincidence, but rather by “thoughtful application” and recognizing that our business can only be limited by our perceived boundaries. When people say it can’t be done, we double our efforts to prove the contrary. Our sales model for 2013 and beyond is no exception – we’re simply removing ALL the boundaries and will continue to provide the most innovative storage solutions in the industry backed by “Golden Rule” customer service.

If you’re an existing customer of TC, we thank you for your continued trust in our company and our products. If you’re reading this newsletter for the first time, we invite you to visit with us and experience all the aspects that differentiate TC from other storage providers.

Modular Storage Systems with an IQ

Just about any storage facility can be expanded in the field, but modular storage systems can be designed for simplified future expansion. It is a “plug and play” approach to quickly increase storage capacities. The shop-welded aggregate storage systems shown can be expanded in a fraction of the time required for typical battery installations. IQ storage systems by TC, an intelligent choice for the future.Modular storage tank system

Tank Island

Not a “fun in the sun” location to take your spouse, but if you are into tanks (like us), a fly-over may be warranted.

TC aluminum geodesic domes being installed on field-weld tanks, located off the coast of Panama.aluminum geodesic domes Panama