Elevated storage tank at sunset

Elevated Water Tanks

Tank Connection is the industry leader in elevated bulk storage tanks in North America. We design, manufacture and install the BIG bolted and welded tanks that tower up to 200’ in height with elevated hoppers and concrete floors that span out to 55’ diameter. We are routinely specified by the top engineering firms in the U.S. for applications in the power sector. With over 300 employees and 5 tank manufacturing facilities, Tank Connection is recognized as experts in storage tanks, systems and solutions. Our bolted, welded and hybrid tank designs have set a new benchmark of performance in dry bulk and water storage applications. This same high quality construction is now available for EWT applications.

We reviewed EWT designs offered in the marketplace today and recognized the opportunity to improve “Elevated Water Tank Designs” and their performance significantly! Only the industry leader in storage, Tank Connection, could bring you ELEVATED WATER TANKS that incorporate the best features of bolted, welded and concrete construction into a superior EWT design. At TC, we listen to our clients and develop storage products and services that fulfill their needs. Our new line of EWT’s offer:

  • Superior field performance
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Customized per client requirements
  • Lowest maintenance requirements
  • Highest shop-controlled quality available
  • Superior, factory baked-on coating systems
  • The best and safest field installation services available
  • Lowest installed price for elevated water storage

Superior EWT Designs For Municipalities That Won’t Break The Bank!

Only the experts in storage could offer Elevated Water Tank Designs that are better than today’s EWT designs.

Bolted RTP tank construction COATED LIQ FUSION 7000 FBE™

  • Utilize composite pedestal design
  • Bolted RTP water tank design
  • Precision rolled tapered panel
  • Surface prep in controlled shop environment
  • SP 10 near white surface blast (steel grit media)
  • Baked-on LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM coating system
  • AWWA D103 design
  • Highest shop-controlled quality available
  • Highest quality field installation services - EMR. 59
  • Lowest installed cost

FIELD-WELDED tank construction

  • Utilize composite pedestal design
  • Field-welded water tank design
  • Field-weld panels shop rolled
  • Surface prep uncontrolled in exposed environment
  • SP6 commercial surface blast (sand blast media)
  • Field-applied coatings in uncontrolled environment
  • AWWA D100 design
  • Variable quality field installation services
  • Field exposed quality
  • Higher installed cost

LIQ FUSION 7000 FBE™ Is Unmatched Compared To Field Applied Coatings!

When you offer a coating system that will significantly outperform field applied coatings for welded tanks, you have improved the performance of today’s EWT’s. TC’s LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ powder coat system is baked-on to a steel substrate surface that has been shop-blasted to an SP10 surface profile. This powder coat system is the #1 coating system for potable water storage worldwide. It is highly superior to field applied coatings on field-welded tanks. At Tank Connection we should know, we design, manufacture and install both.

Our focus is very specific in municipal water storage. Design the BEST, manufacture the BEST and install the BEST.

Our coating process line is over twice the length of a football field and includes 14 stations, 21 stages, and over 110 application processes, checks and inspections.

Composite pedestal storage tank

Composite Pedestal

Tank Connection’s “Composite Pedestal Design” is our premier EWT design. Our pedestal design utilizes the highest quality jump-form concrete pedestal construction. Additionally, our pedestal design can include multiple storage levels similar to the designs we routinely offer in the power industry. TC’s RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tank design is available with our top performance coating system for potable water storage, LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™. We also offer the water tank in coated stainless steel. The tank cover is available in the same construction as the tank or with an aluminum geodesic dome. This EWT design is also available with unlimited logo and aesthetic features. It is offered exclusively for the North American market.

(Reference TC capacity charts for diameter x height sizing)
200,000 to 2,000,000 gallons
757 to 7570 cubic meters

"Poster" storage tank


Our “Poster Series” EWT design is a Tank Connection innovation. The pedestal and tank is constructed of RTP panels coated with our LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system. The tank floor is a special design modular steel floor that also includes our special baked-on Fusion coating system. Smaller poster designs can be jacked entirely from grade level, which keeps construction crews on the ground during installation. This EWT design is available with unlimited logo and aesthetic features. The Poster Series is also easily containerized for international shipments. This innovative EWT design can easily cut your field installation timeframe in half over other options. It is offered for both the domestic and international markets.

(Reference TC capacity charts for diameter x height sizing)
50,000 to 350,000 gallons
189 to 1324 cubic meters

Multi-column storage tank


TC’s “Multi-Column” design is available for smaller capacity EWT applications. This product utilizes the same superior RTP tank construction and LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system. The water tank is elevated on a special platform design supported by multi-leg assemblies and is available with logo and limited aesthetic features. It is offered for both the domestic and international markets.

(Reference TC capacity charts for diameter x height sizing)
50,000 to 150,000 gallons
189 to 567 cubic meters

Standpipe storage tank


Tank Connection builds the largest bolted standpipes globally. This product utilizes the same superior RTP construction and LIQ Fusion coating system. Our superior design and coating system is enhanced with the safest and highest quality field construction services available. The adjacent picture depicts a bolted standpipe jacked from grade level. Construction crews never leave the ground. EMR .59

(Reference TC capacity charts for diameter x height sizing)

Bolted RTP Construction:
25,000 to 600,000 gallons
95 to 2270 cubic meters

Shop-Welded Construction:
(shipped one & two piece construction)
10,000 to 100,000 gallons
38 to 378 cubic meters

Field-Welded Construction:
50,000 to 1,000,000 gallons
189 to 3785 cubic meters